Welcome to the new Shutterdownmusic.com!

A bunch of fantastic is heading your way from Shutterdown. Some soon. Some soon-ish – depending on how much assistance from our nearest and dearest we’re able to garner. (Why… Helloooo there, nearest and dearest!)

But first… TREATS! As promised, it is my sincere pleasure to share with you our video for Afterimage, one of the breakout songs off the Shutterdown EP which made the cut onto the full-length album planned for later this year. We had a blast working through the process with director Alex DiMarco. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!

Onwards and upwards…

Due to the high number of inquiries from co-workers and my mom, we’re full-steam ahead to get a full-length album in your hands this Fall. The Truth have been blasting many a tantalizing sound these past few months, rendering Max’s man-cave into a grotto of electronic dreamscapes. I can’t wait to share these with you, either!

I know I’ve been rather stingy with the previews/file-sharing lately, friends. That’s because I want to make sure whatever you put in your stereo is going to stay there until you “repeat” it to death.

Won’t you help us help you destroy as many of our CD’s the best way possible – by loving them until they fall to pieces? It’s simple, really: We’ve got our sights set on a recording studio, a mastering guru and a printing company to get this thing done. Stay tuned for more details on how you can help all that happen (and what more treats we’ll bestow in return :) )