Coming soon to youtubez near you

After nearly two years since releasing its first EP, Shutterdown may soon have its first music video fit for mass consumption.  Tres exciting, boys and girls! We were lucky enough to work with a mightily talented young director by the name of Alex DiMarco, who is (as we speak) packing his bags for the glitz and glamor of L.A.  I got a chance to work with Alex briefly in the summer of 2011 on the set of the music video for “Shadows” (by Kellee Maize and Sevan Apollo Poetry), and came to appreciate his efficiency and skill.  As Kellee put it, “He’s fast, and he’s good!”


Shutterdown has been going back and forth with Alex on the concept for the “Afterimage” video since last December.  Mike was the one with the clearest idea of how he wanted the video to look, so Max and I gave him free reign to hammer out the details.
P4250033.jpg… But, of course, there’d be a snag.  There’s *always* a snag. This is why *I* don’t make the plans.  My plans always get thwarted…

Mike’s initial concept involved copious amounts of fluffy snow. Now, if any of you know me, you’d know my lust for the snowbelt fizzled out somewhere around 2004.  However, for the sake of art, I was out there dancing for snow every chance I got.  Wouldn’t you know it’d be the first time in 8 years Pittsburgh refused to get a decent snowfall?  Oh, sure, there was that one day back in December… but it was that nasty, wet, slushy stuff.  Not the fluffy, “oh-isn’t-it-ethereal-and-magical” white stuff.

Whatever.  Fast forward a handful of months and here we are, walking through Panther Hollow – sans snow.P4250036.jpg
It’s all good.  I got to wear a corset and velvety boots and not freeze to death (as originally projected)

Oh, by the way, Max and Mike are sheer awesomeness in their Kung Fu calm and flexibility. The video was shot in two parts, and each were smooth affairs with no squabbling or inflated head bits. If anything, I was probably the biggest scopophobic pain in the ass there. Fortunately, my dulcet-toned neuroses are oft ignored – conveniently – lest no soul-capturing would ever be accomplished. The boys are also exceptionally talented at un-ruffling my sometimes frazzled feathers.  You *wish* you were in a band with Max and Mike.

Along with Alex, Mike and Max… I need to thank the ever-amazing Craig Kibbe (my would-be twin in another life) who “beat my face” for the white room segment… As well as the marvelous make-up stylings of Shallyn Bodnar, who made me a pretty princess for the forest shot.  Craig braved treacherous roads and early hours when he came over to my house the Saturday of Part 1… And Shallyn hoofed it all the way from Tom Savini’s Special FX School, 45-minutes away, last minute.  They’re both uber-talented artists in their respective mediums (which have nothing to do with putting make-up on me).  Hit them up!

Oh, and Craigers is the artist who designed Shutterdown’s logo and splash page. Impressive, no?

So, before I go…

Important things to remember about shooting videos (which, given the prolificity of video-posting these days, I need not mention… but will anyway):

– There never really *can* be enough make-up. You think you’re wearing too much make-up? You aren’t.
– Don’t go to work the same day as a shoot. Think you’ve left enough time to leave work early, get ready and to the site on time? You didn’t. You’re just setting yourself up for a cortisol cocktail, my friend.
– …No, seriously, leave enough time to apply the fake eyelashes and do your hair…
– Don’t be too attached to the details. Focus on the message or idea you’re trying to convey overall. Find a director you like and communicate your idea thoroughly so he or she is on-board… Then get out of their way.
– Bring a coat, a mirror, something to drink… and touch-up war-paint. You’re going to be standing around a while. P4250013.jpg
Next up, we’re finally getting the demo mastered – likely through Tree Lady Studios here in Pittsburgh. Once that’s done, we’ll be able to release all the emotive, slow-mo goodness to the YouTubes in June.

**happy dance**

~ A