A band is more than just a grouping of people that sometimes make awesome music. It’s an entire community made up of supportive friends, family, fans, countless talented individuals… and those people making the sometimes awesome music. We’d like to thank some of those amazing people whose on-going support is truly appreciated:

The Bajzek Group, Inc.
…….. for making Shutterdown its exclusive house band every Tuesday and/or Wednesday. And sometimes Saturday.

Chris Maverick Photography ……. for his ninja-like photo wizardry and mercenary on-site camera style.

Alex DiMarco ……. for walking with Shutterdown through its first music video, Afterimage, from inception to completion. Forwards and backwardsOn Twitter @Alex_DiMarco

Craig Kibbe …… for his unique vision and style with Shutterdown’s logo, font, splash page… and Ant’isa’s face.

William Bajzek …… for this putting together this website and for invaluable feedback and bestowing of guitarist wisdom.

Pittsburgh Modular for easing our journey into the scary and expensive world of modular synthesizers.



Afton Booking … The first booking agency we’ve ever worked with.  Their support staff brought their A-game and were always available to answer our questions/troubleshoot… and got us on one of the best stages in the ‘burgh for an awesome show.

Jim Semonik and Distortion Productions ….. for consistently putting Shutterdown before some of the finest groups touring the area… and for the constant support, encouragement and rockstar mentoring. And oh, for a “little” thing you all might want to check out called Electronic Saviors 2: A solid compilation of some of the best electronic acts playing today which raises money for charities helping families dealing with cancer.

LeeAnn Donan and Julie Devine of Hanging Garden / Sinferno …. Thank you for inviting Shutterdown to play. We love working with you fabulous ladies. And for the kickass party you put together every other Saturday.


DJ’S who haven’t burned our CDs in effigy:

Ash Eclipse ….

DJ Reich …. Catch him every other Saturday at Hanging Garden!!

DJ Jezebel in Hell (S.g. Molloy) … Promoter/Creator/DJ Extraordinaire of Albany’s goth/industrial night, OS – RE:Surgence at Valentine’s.



R.A.N.T. 2012 – First Annual Rock All Night Tour

Crunk Witch … These crazy kids from Maine grabbed us out of the blue to open at the Garfield Artworks.   Check them out!



Fallout Shelter ….

31st Street Pub ….

Bloomfield Bridge Tavern ….

Cattivo ….

The Rex …

Hambone’s …


Saviors of le visage and les  vêtements:

Craig Kibbe … for Afterimage video, “White Room”

Shallyn Bodnar … for Afterimage video, “forest”…

Neilsen Murray … for on-going make-up consult …

3D Mark … for decorating the decolletage with his post-apocalyptic, “found-art” necklaces. Perfect for the after-December 2012 fashionista.

ALL DoLLeD UP in Irwin, PA … for fabulous hair (