It was little over two years ago that I timidly stomped up to Jim Semonik of Distortion Productions with a freshly-burned Shutterdown EP in-hand and basically threw it at him before nearly running away. Luckily, Jim’s an amiable, easy-going sort and coerced me into an amazing conversation about music. You know… The kind of conversation that leaves you inspired and feeling like, “Hell’s YES, I’m a musician!” Then you bounce away and make more noise.

Over the past two years, Distortion Productions has been one of Shutterdown’s biggest supporters in the Pittsburgh scene – putting us in front of the area’s friendly goth/industrial crowd, opening for some incredible touring national acts. Jim’s been more than a promoter for Shutterdown. He’s been a mentor, a cheerleader, friend and chaser-away of Shadows…

… So when Distortion Productions expanded into a record label, Jim and partner Chase Dudley of Boxed Warning approached us to sign on. We couldn’t be more thrilled, as we move into the next phase of our evolution, to join our friends in this new chapter of theirs. We’re honored at the potential they see in us and are excited to, with their help, bring you our debut full-length album, Dreamwalker, this summer!

Much love to you all!