(re)Introducing Zane

He’s Baaaa-aaaack….

Remember this guy on the right?

Shutterdown @ 31st Street Pub for i:Scintilla, 9-16-2011

Please welcome to the Shutterdown crew, once again, the indomitable Zane Shapiro of The Icarus Light. He was with us for a short stint in 2011, helping out on bass and synth for a couple live performances before joining the circus for a year. (The figurative circus, not the literal circus.)

… Seems every time they think they’re out, we pullllll them back in… :-)

Now he’s back and raring to take Shutterdown to the next level. This time we’re not letting him off so easy… In addition to joining us on stage, we’ll be tapping him for various tech and web support. You know, general being awesome-type stuff.

Say hello… show some love!