A Big Thank You from Ant’isa and another from Max

Dearest friends, family and stalker-fans… Were I able to, I’d be tackle-hugging you all.  As it is, I have ready-access to most of you… so expect some form of tackle and/or hugging in the near future (it’s the only way I really know how to effectively communicate gratitude).  For the rest of you… you know… that live, like, in some far-off world like San Francisco, you are forced to read how thankful I am instead of feel the rib-crushing effects of enthusiastic appreciation.  Or, I don’t know.  Maybe some day you’ll get a late night phone call where I’m whispering sweet thank-you’s to your subconscious….

… Or some hot Shutterdown schwag.

…Either way.

Some 3 months ago, Shutterdown kicked-off a fundraising campaign to help fund the production of our first album, Dreamwalker.  We’re a small, unknown electronic band from Pittsburgh – having yet to actually *play* outside Pittsburgh. We’ve only released a 4-song EP to this point.  But somehow, through your collective awesomeness, we were able to meet more than half of our $5K goal.  That’s huge – and speaks volumes about how much our friends and family support what we’re doing.  Every time we got a notification from indiegogo of a contribution, I felt loved.  The money wasn’t coming from strangers, but from the people we care about and who care about us. It’s all-the-more motivating to release music you’ll not only enjoy, but be proud of having contributed to.  We’re working hard not to let you down.

There’s aren’t enough words.  I love you, all!  Look forward to an early Christmas!



We’ve been working on Dreamwalker for about two years, give or take, and we’ve been working hard. It has really become almost my entire world, tinkering with its innards every day and night, and it’s difficult sometimes to come up for air. The fact that it will actually happen (and soon!) and other people will get to hear it, thanks to the generosity of our fans, friends, and families, means more to me than I can say. I’m the quiet, reserved type who may not tackle-hug as ferociously as my compatriot, but my gratitude is no less profound. Thank you.