T-Shirt Design and Dreamwalker Update

It’s been about a week since the Crunk Witch gig at Garfield Artworks… and about as long since Max and I have worked on anything.  With cramming in preparation for the two gigs last week, we (unspoken) took a little vacation for a few days in order to approach the album with renewed vigor and focus.  Now here I sit, in The Cave, as Max conjures a song from his mod-synth in response to some little quip I threw out.  You know, business as usual.

But it’s better than business as usual!  We’ve settled on a t-shirt design, courtesy of the magnificent line artist Sara Richard.  She’s been working with us for almost a year, conceptualizing images for Dreamwalker – for which we’re going to start recording vocals (for realsies) in September.  Sara’s providing art for not only Shutterdown’s first shirts, but for the album and some posters as well.  I can’t speak highly enough about her, truly.  Go check her out: www.sararichard.com.  She’s been nothing but patient and gracious through all our (my) critiques, etc. Next up, we’re forwarding the design over to local Renaissance Man, DJ Zombo – who we’ll be working with to print these up.

Speaking of Dreamwalker – we’ve got 54 days left before our fundraising campaign wraps up – and only about 30% of the way to our goal of $5000.  Were this 30 days ago, I’d say, “You should contribute and help us put out this album because you love us and we love you… and… SHINY!”

…But, now I sayeth unto thee: “Pre-order Dreamwalker now … for it is AWESOME.”  No joke.  I’m hunkered down in The Cave listening to these epic sounds Max keeps creating… Realizing, “Holy smokes!  That’s us!  That’s our band!”  I want to put the awesome in your earholes… because I love you, and (apparently) am a teensy-bit aurally narcissistic.  And SHINY.

Go here now —> www.indiegogo.com/dreamwalker   <—– You missed it.  It’s back there.

I really, really can’t wait to send people the stuff we’ve got for incentives.  The shirts are looking like they’ll be pretty damn snazzy… and our talented friends have helped us out with pictures and art.  I mean, actual professional artists… making actual art!  I get excited, too, when hearing about the incentives groups have come up with… and keep thinking about adding incentives to our own campaign.  One of my favorites is: “The band will come make you dinner” – but that would be a disaster.  Max can’t boil water, and I was apparently a bachelor in a past life. Though, it might still be a fun incentive to put up there just for the eventual shenanigans and ridiculousness.