For a while, people have been asking us when our full-length album is coming out, to which we’ve kept answering, “We’re working on it.” Well, that process is nearing its end. We have more than a dozen new songs that we’re really excited about and can’t wait to plug into everybody’s earholes. However, there are still some daunting financial hurdles in the way of getting this done well. The internet may be conditioning people to believe that music is free, but it’s actually quite expensive for those who create it.

Which is why we’re asking for help. We’ve set up a campaign at IndieGoGo to raise funds in exchange for a variety of tasty treats. Please check it out and help if you can, and share this link with your friends and twitterers in case they might be into our brand of tunes and able to contribute.


With your help, we think we can make Dreamwalker as awesome in the real world as it is in our heads.